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Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 Circuit Diagram

Robotronicdiagram.- There are many component that used as display or indicator in electronic device as like LED, seven segment, and also Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). We think all of that display component easy to find in electronic market store. 

One of electronic component display that popular to use is LCD that stand for Liquid Crystal Display. In here we will show you basic of electronic circuit schematic diagram of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with using 2x16 that mean using 2 lines, and 16 columns as like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 16x2 Circuit Diagram

  1. LCD 2x16
  2. VR 10K


Electronic circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 that we can implement as the display of many information data or character. Usually input of this display connected from microcontroller as like minimum system ATMega8535 circuit diagram. And here global description of this circuit diagram as follow:
  1. Pin 1 (Gnd), pin 5 (RW), and pin 16 (K) energized ground, while the VCC current will be connected to pin 3 (VEE). 
  2. The function of VR / trimpot is as a regulator of the contrast / brightness, in a series of 2x16 LCD is used quite a trimpot with a capacity of 10K. 
  3. Pin 4 (RS), pin 6 (E), pin 11 (D4), pin 12 (D5), pin 13 (D6), pin 14 (D7) are connected to the microcontroller ports. 
  4. Materials needed in this series are: One piece of LCD 2x16, trimpot 10k, 1x16 pin header as like view in figure 2 below.

Figure 2. Component Shapes to Build Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 

Beside we show you Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 Circuit Diagram, in here we also will try show you PCB layout design for Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 as like in figure 3 and figure 4 below.

Figure 3. PCB Layout of Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 
Figure 4. Soldering Part PCB Layout of Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 


To draw the electronic circuit diagram of Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 like in figure 1 above, and also to design PCB layout of Basic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 2x16 like in figure 3 and 4 above also, we think you can use Proteus software, specially Proteus version 7.5 that you can download freely with click link below:

Thank you for your coming here in, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your information in electronic circuit design and other in this time. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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