Thursday, April 10, 2014

Proximity Sensor using IC LM339 Circuit Diagram for Line Follower Robot

Robotronicdiagram. - Sensor in robot like senses in human. Sensor is the important part in robot because sensor will connect robot with environment. Like human using earning to hear sound from environment, human using eyes to watch something from environment and other. So, when we want to design robot we must know how will designing robot will work and what it will do?

When we want to design line follower robot, so we can say that this robot will work with run according the line that followed. So in here we must design sensor that can detect line to followed. One line sensor that developed in line follower robot is using Proximity sensor that used Infra Red LED and Photodiodes as transmitter and receiver as like figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Work Principles of Proximity Sensor using Infra Red LED

Circuit Diagram

Figure 2. Proximity Sensor Circuit Diagram using IC LM339

  1. R1, R4        = 220
  2. R2, R5        = 10K
  3. R3, R6        = 470
  4. VR1, VR2   = 10K
  5. D1, D4        = IR LED
  6. D2, D5        = Photodiodes
  7. D3, D6        = LED
  8. U1A, U1B   = IC LM339


Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is two Proximity Sensor using IC LM339 that usually used in Line Follower Robot design. Usually line follower robot designed to follow black line on the floor, so we need sensor that can do it. In here we use proximity sensor or line sensor to do this work. Proximity sensor work to detect a black line with using LED and Photo-diodes component that will detect light or not light changing like in figure 2 above.
  1. Infra Red LED and Photodiodes used as infra red transmitter and receiver that will changed after reflection from the line on the floor.
  2. IC LM339 is double input output voltage comparison, that will compare the voltage reference from VR1 or VR2 with the input voltage from photodiodes.
  3. As result in the output will make output to be digital condition with 0 and 1 or high and low level voltage according the voltage comparison. 


When we want to re-draw and also make PCB layout design from the Proximity Sensor using IC LM339 Circuit Diagram for Line Follower Robot like in figure 2 above, we can use good software as like Cadence OrCAD version 16.3. And you can take this software with click link below easily:

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