Sunday, April 6, 2014

Robotic DC Motor Driver using IC L298 Circuit Diagram

Robotronicdiagram. - When we want to design mobile robot, like line follower robot we must know robot parts. One robot part that very important to drive robot moving is DC Motor driver. Usually this part connected from minimum system microcontroller to the wheel of robot.

There are many circuit diagram of DC motor driver that developed like using transistor, relay, and also integrated circuit (IC). In here we will show you robotic DC Motor Driver that develop with integrated circuit IC L298. And the circuit diagram of DC Motor Driver using IC L298 show in figure 1 below.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1.  DC Motor Driver using IC L298 Circuit Diagram 

  1. IC L291
  2. Diode D1 until D8 are IN4004
  3. M1, M2 are DC Motor
  4. C1, C2 ceramic capacitor 30pF 


Circuit diagram like in figure 1 is  DC Motor Driver using IC L298 Circuit Diagram that usually used in mobile robot that using wheel. We will describe the circuit diagram above as follow:
  1. IC L298 are two DC Motor driver that can be used to drive two DC motor M1 and M2.
  2. In A and In B used to control DC Motor M2 to move clock wise or move anti clock wise.
  3. In C and In D used to control DC Motor M1 to move clock wise or move anti clock  wise.
  4. In robot design input In A, In B, In C and In D usually connected to microcontroller to controlled the DC motor move or not move.
  5. Circuit diagram using supply +5V and +12V.
  6. Diode and capacitor used to to make voltage and current stabilization when motor rotate or move. 


You can draw and also design PCB layout design auto-route or manually of robotic DC Motor driver using IC L298 circuit diagram using OrCAD software. Please click link below to download this software easily and freely.

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