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Three Output Waveform Audio Oscillator using IC L8038 Circuit Diagram

Robotronicdiagram. - Beside audio signal can come from human, animal, and other machine, audio signal also can generate internal from electronic component as called audio oscillator or audio generator signal. One electronic component that can generate audio signal or waveform is IC L8038.

IC L8038 categorized as a monolithic waveform generator that can produce sine, square and triangular waveforms output with very little distortion. The frequency can be programmed from 0.001Hz to 300 KHz using external timing capacitor and resistor. Frequency modulation and sweeping can be attained by using an external voltage. And here are some features of IC L8038 as follow:

  1. High linearity, 
  2. High level outputs, 
  3. Simultaneous sine, square, triangle wave outputs, 
  4. Low external parts count and
  5. High temperature stability

In here we will show you one application of IC L8038 to generate audio waveform as like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1.  Three Output Waveform Audio Oscillator using IC L8038 Circuit Diagram

  1. R1, R2               = 4K7
  2. R3                      = 15K
  3. R4                      = 20K
  4. R5, R6, R7, R8 = 10K
  5. C1                      = 0.1 uF
  6. C2                      = 4.7 nF
  7. IC1                     = L8038

Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Three Output Waveform Audio Oscillator using IC L8038. And in here we will describe this circuit diagram as like the description from circuitstoday blog as follow:
  1. The external timing capacitor (C2 in the circuit diagram) is charged and discharged using two internal current sources. The first current source is on all the time and second current is switched ON and OFF using a flip-flop. 
  2. Suppose the second current source is OFF and the first current source is ON, then the capacitor C2 will be charged with a continuous current (i) and the voltage across C2 increases linearly with time. 
  3. When the voltage reaches 2/3 supply voltage, controlling flip flop is triggered and the first current source is activated. 
  4. This current source carries double the current (2i) making the capacitor C2 is discharged with a current i and the voltage across it drops linearly with time. 
  5. When this voltage reaches 1/3 supply voltage, the flip flop is resetted to the initial condition and the cycle is repeated again

When you want to draw again the circuit diagram of Three Output Waveform Audio Oscillator using IC L8038 as like in figure 1 above and also you can simulate and know the result of the circuit diagram, we think you can use Proteus software version 7.8 using link below to download:

Note: use password to open rar file with robometricschool

Thank you for your coming here in, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your information in electronic circuit design and other in this time. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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