Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Xiaomi Presents Cheap Version of Nike Fuel Band

Robotronicdiagram. - Fitness bracelet is one of the products of the Xiaomi which lately has been launched almost simultaneously with the launch of MI4. According detikinet that Xiaomi does not stop at the launch of MI4. Vendors from China is also phenomenal new release fitness wristband that can be connected to a smartphone. Yes, similar to the Nike Fuel Band but a cheap version. 

In the current global vendors busy to get into the smartphone market, Xiaomi actually look different when introducing Mi Band. This is not like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but this is not just any ordinary fitness wristband. 

This fitness bracelet that connects to a smart phone to track your movements and even falling asleep while consumer. Simplicity has become a key Mi Band, because you did not find fancy LCD on it. 

Xiaomi Mi Band has features that make it a little more interesting, apart from the choice of color, of course, when integrated with a smartphone, this device can unlock your device automatically, without the need to enter a passcode.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi claimed that this band is able to survive 30 days on standby without needing a recharge. So that was quoted from Slash Gear, Wednesday (07/23/2014). With IP67 certification, it is certain that the user can take him to the bathroom. Simple display makes the price is relatively cheap, about $13.

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