Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HTC One M8 Max Want to be Challenger for Galaxy Note 4

Robotronicdiagram. - As reported from detikinet Thursday (8/13/2013) said that if a Samsung have Galaxy Note 4, LG brought G3 Stylus, the HTC called HTC is preparing to fight in the M8 Max phablet market premium. 

Figure 1. Samsung vs HTC smartphone (

From the name can be ascertained, this phablet going to be the successor to the previous HTC Max, but with a significant increase in the specifications. 

Even phablet is called also will have the specs on the HTC M8. Rumors say HTC Max M8 will be equipped with the latest processor snapdragon 805 Higher than HTC Snapdragon processor that carries the M8 801. 

Other information call HTC screen sizes M8 Max was in the range of 5.5 inch to 6 inches. Plus the material body may very well be covered fully by aluminum material as the HTC M8. 

Unfortunately not as G3 Stylus that reportedly will be released not long ago of Galaxy Note 4 in the event the IFA 2014 in early September, the information regarding the release date HTC Max M8 is still far from clear. 

So until there is a clearer glimpse of the HTC Max M8 such further specifications and features it will have, then the challenger phablet Galaxy Note 4 will remain speculative. Shall the HTC One M8 Max really to be Challenger for Galaxy Note 4.

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