Thursday, September 18, 2014

Introduction of LED Television and Its Advantages

Robotronicdiagram. - The developing of television technology is very fast today. We know that old television using tube cathode, and then changed into LCD or plasma television. But in this time we will know that television recent using LED technology and called with LED television.

Figure 1. LED Television

To know more about LED television, writer Cristina Xio written article with the tittle LED television and its advantages. And this time we want to show you the article from her below and we hope you will get more information about introduction of LED television and its adavantages.

She said that With new technologies coming up one may wonder why there is such a buzz about LED TV and how they are different from its countparts such as LCD and plasma TVs. Advantages, one must first know what an LED TV is and thereafter how it’s different from its counterparts. Led havean over traditional LCD TV due to their ability to provide true black picture and consequently a high contrast ratio. This is made possible by the black pictures and consequently a high contrast ratio. 

This is made possible by the LED TV due to the local dimming effects where individual light emitting diode can be sifted off unlike the flouesencent lit LCD TV which attempt to create dark area by closing the crystals which in effect lets some light slip out therefore ending up with an imperfect black. Led TV are environment friendly in that since they do not use mercury on their manufacture like the plasma TV or the LCD TV or they can be disposed of safely without degradation to the environment. LED TV consume less power that the plasma TV or the LCD TV due to the application of the light emitting diode. This in effect means that LED TV is more energy efficient. LED TV manufacturers can make thinner TV.

However, the downside is that the backlighting is not quite as uniform. With adage lit display, if you put a white image up, you may notice that the outer edges of the screen appear brighter or hotter also when you put up an all black image the edges of the screen will appear lighter. Buying an LED TV is a huge investment and you are definitely looking for your money is worth when it come to features and benefits. 

You may have to spend as much as fifteen hundred dollars ur more to get yourself this kind of a television set. Cutting edge technology might be an over used for televisions but what does this really mean in term of usefulness for the customers? This technology is used in s number of electronic products and portable devices but so far it had never been seen in television display screen like other technologies.

So while most television sets have CCFL or the cold cathode fluorescent lamps for black lighting, in the case of LED TV it is the LED that brings the backlighting to the television. LED is so popular is because it is very efficient to use in most television displays like LCD. LED is advance from of television screen. So in effect an LED TV is actually a modern addition to the LCD TV that has previously topped the television market, this is why it has become known as the LED LCD TV. 

LED benefits include the environment friendly benefits, the energy efficiency and the very slim design. Although there may not be very large size screen in the market yet when it comes to the LED television screens, there is a lot of buzz going on about better and newer product. And how about your opinion about Introduction of LED Television and Its Advantages above?

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