Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Leaked New Oppo N3 Claimed to be Equipped with Material for Aircraft Body

Robotronicdiagram. - China smartphone vendor, Oppo back its latest smartphone images leaked, Oppo N3. Latest teaser hinted that the Oppo N3 will use a lithium aluminum alloy as the material forming the frame and body.

Figure 1. Leaked of Oppo N3 (Detikinet)

As reported from detikinet on Tuesday (9/30/2014) show us that The use of aluminum lithium alloy is hinted as the world's first implementation of the smartphone. Such materials are also claimed the body Boeing 777X.

Oppo N3 on leaked images, Visible Oppo makes rotating camera mechanism is more modern than the two previous teaser. 

In the visible image of Oppo N3 rotating camera can be hidden on the side of the frame, so that when in a closed state does not appear to a rotating camera on the N3. 

With a design like this would be the possibility of moving the angle is greater than N1 which has 208 degree turning angle. 

In the picture, Oppo also pinned a small button on the bottom which is estimated camera shutter button. 

Oppo N3 itself will be launched at the end of this October. For specifications, until now Oppo still has not outspoken. However, predicted to use the latest processors from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 805. (Source:detikinet)

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