Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Circuit Moving Detector using IC NE555 and Phototransistor L14F

Robotronicdiagram. - Do you need easy circuit for moving detector in this time? In here we will show you one circuit schematic diagram of Moving Detector using IC NE555 and Phototransistor L14F as like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Moving Detector Circuit

Component List
  1. IC1 = NE555
  2. IC2 = LM 1458
  3. Phototransistor = L14F
  4. All Component see in figure 1.


Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Moving Detector using IC NE555 and Phototransistor L14F. Moving sensor / detector schematic diagram divided into two parts, there are transmitter and receiver. Transmitter part is the part that will send infra red data using IC NE555 and LED infra red. And in receiver part using photo-transistor L14F that will receive IR signal from LED IR in transmitter. Signal from photo-transistor will allowed through to IC LM1458 as signal conditioner. 

IC1 (NE 555) is an astable multivibrator which connect with IR LEDs produce infrared rays 5Khz. infrared rays will be received by the photo transistor Q1, if under normal conditions the output pin (7) of IC2 will be low (low). and if you are moving objects between the transmitter and the receiver on pin 7 of the IC 2 will be conditioned (high). bazzer bell circuit or can be connected to the output of IC 2 is to demonstrate the existence of this disorder. As note that POT R5 can be used for sensitivity adjustment.

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