Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Android Lollipop in the Galaxy S5 Slow How about in the Samsung Galaxy S4

Robotronicdiagram. - Maybe you aren't familiar yet with Android Lollipop, It is because this Android has not launched yet in this time and predicted will launched in 2015. Whereas of it, Android Lollipop has been try in one smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5 and also Samsung Galaxy S4. And do you want know the result now?

Figure 1. Android Lollipop in Samsung Galaxy Illustration (Source:DetikInet)

According DetikInet on Monday, 11/10/2014 report that Samsung has been tested on Android 5.0 phones Lollipop champion Galaxy S5. But the results have not been satisfactory because of slow and unstable. Now turn to its predecessor the Galaxy S4 is a matter for trial.

In a test try it, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also re-equip with the TouchWiz UI. That is, instead of the stock version of Android Lollipop Samsung tested but commercial versions will be released for the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users.

Samsung is said to have tested the Android Lollipop in Samsung Galaxy S4 for a few days, but unfortunately the results are still far from satisfactory. When testing in the Galaxy S5 slow and unstable performance, the Android Lollipop embedded in the Galaxy S4 reportedly infested with bugs.

These trials suggest that there is a great desire of Samsung to bring this  Android Lollipop to their smartphones. And is actually Samsung will use this type of Android? we wait and see the results. 

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