Monday, November 3, 2014

iPad 12 Inch Rumored to be thin as the iPhone 6

Robotronicdiagram. - Maybe you lovers of iPad technology from Apple still be patient to wait the launching of New iPad now. It is because that still in long time iPad rumored will be released but until now the giant iPad that never launched by Apple.

Figure 1. iPad Illustration (Source:detikinet)

As reported from DetikInet (Monday, 11/03/2014) that Only rumors that keep popping up on the spec of the tablet which is often referred to as the iPad Pro. Rumors last mentioned that the iPad will use a 12.2 inch screen, instead of the previous 12.9-inch as often rumored. 

Still, its size, the iPad Pro will reportedly have a similar thickness to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This means that its thickness will range in the figures of 6.9 mm to 7.1 mm, slightly thicker than the iPad 2 Water 6.1 mm thick.

iPad Pro will be dealing with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. The point is, Apple is more focused on the productivity side of the tablet. 

This giant iPad also may be one strategy to boost sales of Apple's tablet. Indeed, sales of the iPad is currently experiencing a decline. Unmitigated decline occurred for three consecutive quarters.

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