Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Features 'Read' in WhatsApp More Sophisticated

Robotronicdiagram. - maybe you are still confused when using WhatsApp to send a message to your friend. Why is that? as we all know that in WhatsApp can not display information if we send a message that has been received or not. But in its latest update, the feature has appeared on messaging service.

Figure 1. Screenshot WhatsApp (DetikInet)

As reported from detikinet (Thursday, 11/06/2014) that Markers that are two checkboxes changed from gray to blue if the message has been read. Previously, there was only a marker on WhatsApp 2, check if a message has been sent, and check two if the message has been received.

Not only that, now you can see the delivery time in more detail, including what time the message is sent, and also at what time the message was read by the recipient.

Features 'Message Info' can be accessed by tapping the message is meant for a few seconds, and then to tap the logo 'i' on the top or side of the screen.

Figure 2. Massage Info In WhatsApp (DetikInet)

Of course, this new feature makes WhatsApp increasingly compete with other messaging services. Even rumors later WhatsApp will implement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in services.

So, with this recent features from WhatsApp, we think you will not confuse again to know that your massage is received or not now.

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