Saturday, November 1, 2014

PlayStation 4 Save Sony from the Financial Crisis

Robotronicdiagram. - Financial condition appears to still be an issue that surrounds the electronics manufacturer Sony that comes Japan. This is consistent with Sony's latest financial report that revealed that the Japanese manufacturer is not out of the horns. 

Figure 1. Sony Playsation 4 (Source:detikinet)

It seems that the decline in sales experienced by Sony's Mobile division. Division which handles mobile products and mobile devices is experiencing revenue growth of 1.2% over the last quarter with the achievement of USD 2.85 billion. 

But compared to last year's mobile division is losing because income decreased to $ 1.59 billion. While other Sony divisions fairly fine. The poor results also led to the replacement of the CEO of Sony Mobile Kunimasa Suzuki. He was replaced by Hiroki Totoki previously served as SVP of Business Strategy Sony Mobile. 

Sony called to do so for fear of investors began to doubt phone sales growth in the future. 
But it is precisely the opposite to that experienced an increase in sales of the game console Play Station 4. Fortunately PlayStation 4 game console so savior because incised increase sales significantly. 

Unmitigated even to touch the figure of 83% rise compared to last year. Rise above it, from the report Sony managed to gain revenue to $ 2.6 billion charge from the sale of the PlayStation 4.

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