Tuesday, November 4, 2014

iPad Jumbo Gliding, iPad Mini be stopped?

Robotronicdiagram. - Although still a rumor of the presence of the latest iPad, known as iPad, but news about the iPad jumbo jumbo re-warmed. In fact, this time called the iPad line presence is going to prey on others. Or in other words, when the tablet is often called iPad Pro glide, then there are other iPad variants discontinued.

As reported from DetikInet (Tuesday, 04/11/2014) that This information can not yet be ascertained the truth because it is still speculative. However, of the outstanding issues, which will be affected, the birth of the iPad Pro is a variant of the iPad Mini. Not Just the first generation, but all variants of the iPad Mini. That is, the iPad Mini 3 newly released Apple among them. 

The reason is because the innovation on the iPad Mini is considered too slow. For example look at the iPad Mini 3 which only adds features TouchID. The rest is exactly the same as the iPad Mini 2 which has slid about a year earlier.

Mini iPad sales are also forecast to decline by 33% this year. Plus the launch of the iPhone 6 which had a large landscape display is touted as the cause of the decline in sales of the iPad Mini. iPad Pro itself was rumored to be announced in early 2015 Apple, but later delayed so the third quarter of 2015

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