Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shape of Prime Microsoft Lumia Rumored as Lumia 535

Robotronicdiagram. - After acquired from Nokia, Microsoft now want to release their new or prime gadget with the name that used by Nokia that called with Lumia. Microsoft change the name Nokia Lumia with Microsoft Lumia that announced the schedule of Microsoft Lumia on 11 November 2014 ago. And now the Leaks about the existence of Microsoft Lumia handsets began to unfold on the internet.

Figure 1. New Prime Microsoft Lumia Rumored (DetikInet)

According reported from DetikInet that quoted by Robotronicdiagram on Sunday (09/11/2014) that Smart phone device to be released was the first Lumia devices that use the Microsoft name in front of him after officially acquired from Nokia in October 2014 ago.

In the announcement, Microsoft did not include what the Lumia series which will be launched. Until finally emerged a shocking information and photos on this handset in China. From the photo seen Microsoft's name printed clearly at the top of the device that allegedly called Lumia 535.

Not only in the front, Microsoft is also printed his name on the back of the device. Other rumors indicate if a device with a 5-inch landscape display QHD (540 x 960) is armed by 200 Snapdragon processor, 1 GB RAM, and a memory capacity of 8 GB.

Completed that on the back of the camera has a resolution of 5 MP alleged. As for the front camera is expected to have a resolution of 3 MP. For power supply, the Lumia 535 will be supported battery capacity of 1900 mAh and supports dual SIM cards. Microsoft certainly offers seven kinds of colors for devices scheduled to launch on Tuesday

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