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Arduino Project : LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff Circuit and Listing Program

Robotronicdiagram. - Other Arduino project that we will present to you in this time is titled with LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff. A simple LPG sensor using arduino is shown in this article. This circuit indicates the amount of LPG in the air. The circuit  sounds an alarm and trips a relay  when the concentration is above a predetermined level. MQ2 is the gas sensor used in this project. MQ2 is an SnO2 based gas sensor which can sense gases like methane, propane, butane, alcohol, smoke, hydrogen etc. Since LPG primarily contains propane and butane, MQ2 sensor can be used for sensing LPG. The all circuit schematic of LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff see like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Circuit of LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff (Source: Circuitstoday)

Component List
  1. LPG Sensor
  2. Transistors
  3. Resistors
  4. Buzzer
  5. Arduino UNO
  6. LCD Module
  7. LED
  8. Relay
  9. All Component see in figure 1 above


Circuit schematic like in figure a above is LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff. According the link source of this project said that Output of the gas sensor is connected to the analog input pin A0 of the arduino. Digital pin 10 of the arduino is used for controlling the buzzer and digital pin 13 used for controlling the relay. The relay used here is a SPDT relay and so it can be used for switching ON or OFF the target device when there is a gas leak. Here the TRIP threshold is set to be 30%. You can set your threshold point in the program. While selecting the threshold point, temperature and humidity effects have to be also considered because MQ2 sensor has good dependence on both. Refer the datasheet of MQ2 gas sensor for more idea. 

And you can read more this article of Arduino project LPG Sensor using Arduino with Alarm and Cutoff Circuit and Listing Program using link source below.

Link Source:

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