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Circuit Diagram AMP - Arachnoid Mobile Platform Project

Robotronicdiagram. - Circuit Diagram AMP - Arachnoid Mobile Platform Project is an open source robotics development platform used to make small autonomous moving robots. It can be either configured as a four-legged robot, or as a two wheeled robot. The PCB board holds all the electronics and mechanical components, and also serves as the chassis of the robot.

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Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram AMP - Arachnoid Mobile Platform Project. In this project consist of some part as follow :

The Brains

The whole project is based on an ATmega328-AU (The SMD version of the infamous ATmega328) and is flashed with the standand Arduino pro mini bootloader. Consequently, the board can be easily programmed using the Arduino IDE platform.


The robot uses 2 continous rotation servos for its movement when configured as a wheeled robot, and three continous rotation servos when configured as a four-legged robot. Aditionally another is used for panning the ultrasonic PING sensor.

Headers and sensors

The board contains 4 headers for direct servo connection (marked as "Servo 1 through 4") on the board as well as as an ultrasonic HC-SR04 sensor direct interface (marked as "PING"). The ultrasound sensor mounts on the center servo which allows it to turn in a 30-50 degree radious in order to "scan" its surroundings and find the path with the least obstacles in place.


A single 5V power source is necessary to run the entire board. The supply voltage can be provided either to the screw terminals directly, or through the "BEC" header, using a standard hobby UBEC (the name comes from "battery ellimination circuit", just a fancy name for a 2-3 cell lipo battery to 5volt regutator).

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