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Circuit Diagram Two-Door Buzzer with Display using 555 IC

Robotronicdigram. - Here is Circuit Diagram Two-Door Buzzer with Display using 555 IC like in figure 1 below. The Two-door Buzzer with Display is applicable and well suited to be used in a house having two gates or doors that are distant from each other. It helps the person inside the house by providing an alarm and a number display determining which door where the visitor is. It also saves time and effort as the owner does not need to check both doors.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Diagram Two-Door Buzzer with Display using 555 IC
(Source: www.electroschematics.com)

Component List

Supply circuit:

  • 9V battery Or 220Vpri/6Vsec Transformer
  • D1, D2, D3, D4 – 1N4001
  • C1 – 4700uF
  • C2 – 470uF

Main circuit:

  • LM7805
  • IC1, IC2, IC3 – LM555 or NE555N
  • IC4 – 74LS02
  • IC5 – 74LS47
  • T1, T2, T3 – 2N3904
  • R1, R3, R5, R7, R8, R10 – 1K
  • R2, R4 – 10K
  • R6 – 100K
  • R9 – 600K
  • 11 to R17 – 330 Ohms
  • R18 (trimmer) – 100K
  • R19 (trimmer)– 5K
  • C3 – 100uF
  • C4, C6, C8 – 0.01uF
  • C5, C7 – 10uF
  • C9 – 100uF
  • SW1, SW2 – PBNO
  • 7-segment display – Common Anode
  • Piezobuzzer

Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram Two-Door Buzzer with Display using 555 IC. The circuit diagram designed the circuit in a way that there would be an alarm tone when a switch either SW1 or SW2 is pressed. The alarm tone activates only for 1 second while the display turns “ON” for 1 minute and eventually turns “OFF” to save energy.

The tone intensity can also be varried by tweaking the trimmer (R19). In addition, the circuit can also have a 9 volts supply if a transformer is not present. Just simply remove the transformer together with the diodes and the filter capacitors and replace it with a fresh 9-volt battery.

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