Thursday, April 23, 2015

Circuit Diagram Digital Volume Control using DS1669 IC

Robotronicdiagram. - Do you want to build your own digital volume control? In here we will show you one simple circuit diagram of digital volume control using DS1669 IC like in figure 1 below. From this circuit that the main component is DS1669 IC from Dallas semiconductor.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Diagram Digital Volume Control using DS1669 IC


Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram Digital Volume Control using DS1669 IC. This circuit could be used for replacing your manual volume control in a stereo amplifier. In this circuit, push-to-on switch S1 controls the forward (volume increase) operation of both channels while a similar switch S2 controls reverse (volume decrease) operation of both channels. A readily available IC from Dallas semiconductor, DS1669 is used here.

  1. Replaces mechanical variable resistors
  2. Electronic interface provided for digital as well as manual control
  3. Wide differential input voltage range between 4.5 and 8 volts
  4. Wiper position is maintained in the absence of power
  5. Low-cost alternative to mechanical controls
  6. Applications include volume, tone, contrast,brightness, and dimmer control
  7. The circuit is extremely simple and compact requiring very few external components.
  8. The power supply can vary from 4.5V to 8V.

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