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Circuit Diagram 24V Lead Acid Battery Charger using LM317 IC

Robotronicdiagram. - There are many electronic circuit diagram that developed to charge lead acid battery. Before we has posted one kind of lead acid battery charger (You can read : Circuit Diagram Lead Acid Battery Charger for GEL-TYPE Batteries Based on the LM350 IC), in this time we will show you lead acid battery charger for 24V output using LM317 IC like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Diagram 24V Lead Acid Battery Charger using LM317 IC
(Source: Circuitstoday)

Component Part
  1. IC1 = LM317
  2. Q1 = BC547
  3. D1 = Bridge diode 3A
  4. D2 = IN5003
  5. Capacitors
  6. Resistors
  7. Other component see in figure 1 above

Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram 24V Lead Acid Battery Charger using LM317 IC. According the source of this circuit, Circuitstoday site describe that This lead acid battery charger circuit is designed in response to a request from Mr.Devdas .C. His requirement was a circuit to charge two 12V/7AH lead acid batteries in series.Anyway he did not mentioned the no of cells per  each 12V battery. The no of cells/battery is also an important parameter and here I designed the circuit assuming  each 12V battery containing 6 cells. When two batteries are connected in series, the voltage will add up and the current capacity remains same. So two 12V/7AH batteries connected in series can be considered as a 24V/7AH battery.

The circuit given here is a current limited lead acid battery charger built around the famous variable voltage regulator IC LM 317. The charging current depends on the value of resistor R2 and here it is set to be 700mA. Resistor R3 and POT R4 determines the charging voltage. Transformer T1 steps down the mains voltage and bridge D1 does the job of rectification. C1 is the filter capacitor. Diode D1 prevents the reverse flow of current from the battery when charger is switched OFF or when mains power is not available. See more here.

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