Saturday, July 4, 2015

New OrCAD 16.6 - 2015 Lite Version for Windows - Free Download

Robotronicdiagram. - Here is the OrCAD 16.6-2015 release provides numerous technology and feature updates for OrCAD PCB.  New advanced high-speed features now include min. / max and relative propagation, static phase differential pair constraints, delay tuning, heads-up displays.  Productivity improvements include Scribble Route, group/contour routing, and via arrays.

From OrCAD site show us that in this new released of OrCAD 16.6 2015, there 5 features that offered by OrCAD according OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check), OrCAD Capture Constraint System (CCS), OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP), OrCAD Panel Editor, OrCAD DFM Checker.

OrCAD according OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check)

OrCAD Sigrity™ ERC is an upcoming new product that goes beyond physical DRC checks and helps to improve the overall quality of your PCB design. It enables PCB designers or electrical engineers to screen a PCB design for signal quality without having to assign any simulation models.  The entire PCB design can be evaluated for impedance discontinuities, excessive crosstalk, and return path discontinuities.  Issues discovered can be cross-probed back to the layout canvas where the source of the problem can be addressed.  The PCB can then be re-screened to validate the changes improve signal quality.

OrCAD Capture Constraint System (CCS)

OrCAD Capture Constraint System is an upcoming new product that enables a robust constraint-driven PCB design flow within OrCAD Capture through a comprehensive, spreadsheet-based constraint definition and management environment. Capture Constraint System elevates Capture’s constraint definition and management to a whole new level by substantially expanding its constraint capabilities and ease with which complex constraints can be defined. This provides for a far more effective and robust communication of an engineer’s design intent to PCB layout.

OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP)

Available now, OrCAD Component Information Portal™ (CIP) offers OrCAD Capture CIS users provides users with integrated access to parametric component data for millions of parts from thousands of component suppliers and manufacturers through an interactive, online, web interface directly within OrCAD Capture CIS environment.  OrCAD CIP removes the barriers to implementing an effective component management process, allowing design teams to quickly and cost effectively realize the full benefits of a shared component database.

OrCAD Panel Editor

Available now, OrCAD Panel Editor is a PCB assembly (“array”) panel design tool that intelligently automates the panel definition and documentation process to produce simple or complex PCB assembly panels in a fraction of the time versus traditional manual methods.  Developed with a highly intuitive style and use-model, OrCAD Panel Editor enables you to quickly design your panel and create the manufacturing drawings that drive fabrication and assembly.

OrCAD DFM Checker

OrCAD DFM Checker is an upcoming new product for PCB Editor that enables manufacturing / fabrication-centric checks be run at any time during PCB place-n-route. The comprehensive set of checks help ensure no fabrication-related issues are present before sending the design off for fabrication helping to avoiding fabrication-related delays, additional costs, and re-work. 


And now you can click button below to take Free Download New OrCAD 16.6 - 2015 Lite Version for Windows from external server.

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