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Circuit Diagram Simple Stopwatch using Digital IC

Robotronicdiagram. - Here is circuit Circuit Diagram Simple Stopwatch using Digital IC like in Figure 1 below. The main component in this Simple Stopwatch using Digital IC are CD4060, CD4013, CD4033, LTS543 IC and some discrete components. With this circuit diagram we can build stopwatch without using programming like in microcontroller.

Circuit Diagram 

Component Part
  1. CD4060 IC
  2. CD4013 IC
  3. CD4033 IC
  4. LTS543 IC
  5. Resistors
  6. Capacitors
  7. X-Tal
  8. Trimmer

Circuit diagram like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram Simple Stopwatch using Digital IC. According Kumpulan Skema Rangkaian Elektronika blog describe that This is a simple circuit of a stopwatch that can count to 99 seconds. This circuit uses CD4060, CD4013, CD4033, LTS543 and some discrete components. A crystal-controlled oscillator generates a pulse 1Hz. A miniature 32.768kHz crystal is used for the purpose of the recording.

IC CD4060 (IC1) contains a 14-bit divisor levels and parts of the oscillator. 2Hz Output at pin 3 of IC1 is fed to a flip-flop IC CD4013 (IC2). IC2 converts 2 Hz to 1 Hz. The output of IC2 at pin 1 is fed to the CD4033 IC (IC3) via the switch S1. Bringing pin 5 of IC3 is connected to pin 1 of the CD4033 (IC4) for further calculation. IC3 and IC4 drive along DIS1 and DIS2 cathode display to show the time (maximum 99 seconds). S1 switch is used to start and stop times / hour. You can reset the counter / pemghitung to zero by pressing the reset button S2.

For proper operation, first connect 9V power supply circuit to Simple Stopwatch then reset the screen by pressing the momentary switch S2. The display shows '00. "Now start counting, flick the switch S1 to the 'on' position. At the time of completion of the event / race, flick the switch S1 to 'off'. The time displayed on the screen is the time for the event.

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