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Circuit Diagram High Efficiency and Battery Protection Power Bank using ACT2801 IC

Robotronicdiagram. - Power bank in this time to be addition means that provide supply for charging mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops. There are many factory that provide many kind of power bank for their consumers for their satisfaction.

In this article will not discuss about how to choose the best power bank in the market, but will give you circuit diagram of power bank that can provide high efficiency result. beside that this circuit also simply and using main component ACT2801 IC which can give battery protection like over-temp, over-voltages, over-current and short-circuit protection.

So, for you student of electronic or electronic hobbyist, we think that this circuit diagram of  High Efficiency and Battery Protection Power Bank using ACT2801 IC will be nice and can to be your reference to build your self power bank simply.

Beside we will give you circuit diagram and component parts of this  High Efficiency and Battery Protection Power Bank using ACT2801 IC, in here we also will give you global description about this circuit and know more about the main component IC of ACT2801 and it's similarity.

Circuit Diagram 

Component Part
  1. ACT2801 IC
  2. Resistors
  3. Capacitors
  4. Inductor L1 = 2.2 uH
  5. Variable NTC

Circuit Diagram High Efficiency and Battery Protection Power Bank using ACT2801 IC like in Figure 1 above is simple power bank circuit with the main component is ACT2801 IC. From this circuit we know that 4 LEDs supported to give battery charge status indication. Then voltage source can connected to Vin in which charges the battery attached to Vbat. Output of this IC connected to the mobile device or tablet that will transfer charge either directly from Vin (while also charging battery at Vbat) or charge the mobile device with charge out of the battery (in the event Vin is not connected).

As the main component in this circuit diagram, ACT2801 also can be used for many application like Backup Battery Pack, Power Bank, Mobile Power, and Standalone Battery Charger with USB Output.

According the sheet data of ACT2801 IC describe that this IC a space-saving and highperformance low-profile single-chip solution for backup battery pack and standalone battery charger. There are two kinds of this IC there are ACT2801 and ACT2801C, all this IC integrates all the functions that a backup battery pack needs, including switching charger, boost converter and LED indication.
Pin Configuration ACT2801 IC

ACT2801/ACT2801C operates at 1.1MHz for switching charger and 0.55MHz for boost converter allowing tiny external inductor and capacitors. ACT2801/ACT2801C provides a direct power path from input to output with programmable current limit while providing power to switching charger. Output has higher priority than battery charger if the programmed input current limit is reached.

ACT2801/ACT2801C charges battery with full cycle of preconditioning, fast charge with constant current and constant voltage until end of charge. The battery charger is thermally regulated at 110°C with charge current foldback.

ACT2801/ACT2801C boost converter steps battery voltage up to 5V. Boost converter features high efficiency, constant current regulation, short circuit protection and over voltage protection. This IC also provides 3.5mA constant currents to drive 4 LEDs to indicate battery level and charge status. Battery impedance is compensated for battery level indication.

The Features of ACT2801 IC

Please read more about ACT2801 IC to know more about this IC according it's sheet data as follow.

  • Dedicated Single Chip Solution for Mobile Power With Minimal Component Count
  • 5V/1.5A Constant Output Current Limit in Boost Mode
  • 1.5A Switching Charger Limit
  • Programmable 4.1V to 4.35V Battery Voltage
  • 95% Boost Efficiency (Vbat=4.1V)
  • Adaptive to 10mA-2400mA Input Sources
  • Battery Disconnection at Output Short
  • <10µA Low Battery Leakage Current at HZ Mode During Storage
  • Boost Auto Turn-off at No Load and Push Button Turn-on
  • Battery Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature and Short Circuit Protections
  • Boost Auto Startup with Load Detection
  • Up to 2.0A Input Current Limit with Prioritized Power Path to Output
  • 5V+/-100mV Output Voltage in Boost Mode
  • 1.1MHz/0.55MHz Switching Frequencies
  • 2.2uH SMD Inductor and Low Profile Ceramic Capacitor
  • 4 LEDs Battery Level and Status Indication
  • Battery Impedance Compensation
  • Full Cycle of Battery Charge Management Preconditioning, Fast Charge, Top off and End of Charge
  • Charge Current Foldback at 110°C Die Temperature
  • IC Over Temperature Protection at 160°C
  • QFN4x4-24 Package
According the features given, we know that with using Circuit Diagram Power Bank using ACT2801 IC like in Figure 1. above we can get many advantages as follow, like according Active-Semi site that also published this circuit.

  • Requires minimum component count and PCB size
  • High-efficiency, integrated solution with Boost, Buck, Battery charge management and LED indication
  • Sophisticated battery protection for Over-temp, Over-voltages, Over-current and Short-circuit protection
Now, you can implement this circuit in your electronic project with firstly provide all components used and also some software that used to create PCB layout design like using OrCAD PSpice 9.2 for Windows system.

Thank you for your coming here in, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your information in electronic circuit design and other in this time. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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