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Circuit Diagram 115 Volt 400 Hz Inverter using MOSFET and CD4047 IC

Robotronicdiagram. - This is one of useful inverter that can produce 115 volt 400 Hz that usually used in aircraft supply component like Altitude meter, etc. In here we will give you one of Circuit Diagram 115 Volt  400 Hz Inverter using MOSFET and CD4047 IC like in Figure 1. below.

Circuit Diagram 

Component Part
  1. IRF540 MOSFET
  2. CD4047 CMOS IC
  3. Resistors
  4. Capacitors
  5. Variable resistor
  6. LED
  7. Transformer
  8. Diode
  9. Fuse

Circuit diagram like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram 115 Volt  400 Hz Inverter using MOSFET and CD4047 ICThe principle is simple: DC voltage in, AC voltage out. The circuit defines the frequency, and they are very common if you want to go from either 12 or 24 Volts to 120 or 230 Volt AC 50 Hz. They are called "power inverters". They are much alike the switching power supplies, and here also the difficult part is the transformer. I hate "difficult" ...
If we can use a common transformer to transform 120 or 230 Volt AC down to 16 Volt for a 13.6 Volt DC power supply, why not the other way around? Put 16 Volt AC on the "16V" connection tabs of the transformer and get 120 or 230 Volt AC from the other pins! Now, this is at 50 Hz. But we need 400 Hz ... Maybe you have seen the circuit board of a light bulb controlled by the output of your audio amplifier. It is a tiny transformer with two coils. One coil to connect to the amplifier speaker output, the other coil connects to the control circuit to turn on and off the light bulb at a certain adjustable threshold. Those transformers have an iron core, just like our common power transformers. So, my question is whether a power transformer could also be used at 400 Herz? I think the answer to that question is "yes"!

A 400 Hz signal is easy to create using one cheap IC. However, the output of that IC can not drive the coil of a power transformer directly; we need a power output stage. As 400 Herz is an "audio frequency", and the transformer is a coil similar the coil of a loudspeaker, why not use a simple audio speaker amplifier to drive the transformer?   It is worth a try ... the coil of a transformer really acts as a coil (inductance), whereas the coil of a speaker is more like a resistive load.

The altimeter requires at maximum 25 VA from the 115 V 400 Hz power source. This energy must be supplied by the audio amplifier, so we need an audio amplifier circuit of at least 30 W, as the efficiency will sure be less than 100%!   As proof of concept, a bought the TDA2030 audio amplifier IC which can deliver some 10 W. That is (likely) not enough to drive the altimeter, but will suffice to show that common power supply transformers can indeed be used at 400 Hz. 

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