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Circuit Diagram Portable Power Inverter using CD4047 IC

Robotronicdiagram. - This is circuit diagram of Portable Power Inverter using CD4047 IC like in Figure 1 below. The main component in this circuit diagram is CD4047 IC and other components. In here we will show you also the component parts used and the simple description of this circuit diagram and the last we will give you link to read more about this circuit from original source. 

Circuit Diagram 

Component Part
  1. IC1: CD4047N
  2. T1, T2: BS170
  3. T3, T4: BD139 (or D400)
  4. T5, T6: IRFZ44N
  5. D1: 1N4007
  6. C1: 100 uF/25 V
  7. C2: 47 uF/16 V
  8. C3: 100 nF/63 V
  9. C4: 100 nF/400 V~
  10. R1: 1K2
  11. R2: 47K (change to 39K for 60 Hz)
  12. R3, R4: 1K8
  13. R5, R6: 1K2
  14. TR1: (see text)

Circuit diagram like in figure 1 above is Circuit Diagram Portable Power Inverter using CD4047 IC. According Electroschematics site describe that the circuit is built around the monostable/astable multivibrator CD4047 (IC1). The resistor (R2) and capacitor (C3), connected to pins 2 and 3, will decide the frequency of the astable output pulses (here, it is at about 50 Hz). IC1 gives two similar frequency outputs at pins 10 and 11 (phase of the Q and Q signals varies about 180 degrees). The square wave output signals are processed by the two-channel transistor banks (T1-T3-T5 and T2-T4-T6) to drive the power transformer (TR1). In my prototype, TR1 is a 60-VA toroidal transformer with a nominal 12-V rms secondary and 5-A current. I have powered up the inverter with an SMF battery of 12 V close to 7 Ah and successfully powered one 230-V/40-W lightbulb. The efficiency looks promising with neither the MOSFETs nor the transformer getting hotter than warm.

Please read more this article from original source about Portable Power Inverter using CD4047 IC circuit diagram using link Here.

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