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How does the Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) work?

Robotronicdiagram. - Radio Frequency Identifier or usually called with RFID in this time has been using in many field to make easy people in their life. RFID can be connected with Internet of Things (IoT) to build integrated smart city and other in it application now. But, do you know how the RFID work now?

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In this time we will discuss how the RFID work that we hope will give you many advatages knowledge about this RFID to your project next.

Accordingly Circuitstoday site describe that the RFID chips are made to be small, as they do not need any power source. It needs an RFID tag to work. The RFID tag comprises of antenna and chip. This tag needs to come in contact with an RFID reader, for it to work.

In case of an RFID enabled credit card, one can access the details of the card like the name, card number etc., if it comes in contact with an RFID reader. However, the tag must be in a specified distance from the RFID reader. This distance depends on factors like power, frequency, antenna size etc.

Since this makes the card vulnerable to misuse, credit card companies take various measures to ensure it is safe from the hackers and criminals. However, you can always ask your bank for a card without RFID if you are sceptical about the safety. Also, covering the RFID enabled card in a foil is a sure shot way of blocking the wireless signal or you could just take out the chip by yourself.

However, when it comes to everyday use, these methods may not seem practical.

Nowadays, there is another way of making sure your RFID credit card is safe. Wallets capable of blocking these RFID signals are now available in the market.

Even though RFID credit cards give you the advantage of saving time during the checkout, making payments easy and hustle free, it does have a downside.

RFID skimmers are used by hackers and criminals to access your credit card. All they do is use an illegitimate RFID reader in a distance that scans and downloads all the information from the card. This form of digital theft is known as RFID skimming. Using the information these hackers/thieves duplicate your card and leave you with a zero balance in your account.

Since RFID is nothing but electromagnetic waves, blocking it is very easy. Going for an RFID blocking wallet is the best option you have.

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