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How to Choosing the Best Impect Driver in a Tool using Motor

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Once in a while a tool comes along that makes us wonder how we ever lived (or at least worked!) without it. Just about every tradesman would agree that the cordless impact driver falls into that category. For decades, we tried to squeeze enough torque from our drills to drive long fasteners into hard materials. And getting a drill to budge an old, rusty screw or bolt? Not easy. There were a lot of half-sunk screws or rounded-out heads in those days. It was a problem of torque – getting enough rotational force – to make the turn. Regular drills rarely had the chops to do the harder jobs – at least without significant stress to the tool or fastener. Viable cordless impact drivers came along in the early 2000s and our work has never been the same. If you don’t have one, we suggest you get one! Here’s what to look when choosing the best impact driver.

Choosing the Best Impact Driver


First, consider impact drivers with brushless motors. Brushless motors are more expensive then their brushed motors counterparts, but they have longer lives and require less maintenance. Moreover, brushless motors run more efficiently, produce less heat, and support smart electronics. Smart electronics, or smart tools, are general terms we use to describe tools whose battery and motor communicate to optimize performance and prevent thermal overload. Smart electronics also allow even higher tech features like Milwaukee’s One-Key or DeWalt’s Tool Connect. It’s not the end of the world is you go with a brushed motor, though. You’ll save money and still get Pro-level performance, but give up some benefits.


Impact drivers are available in both 12V and 18V versions. By way of torque comparison, 12V impact drivers generally match the inch-pounds of torque found in 18V drills. You’ll get several hundred more inch-pounds from 18V Impact Drivers. We’ll talk more about torque below. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to do 80% of your job with the smaller and lighter 12V tool, but for the Pros or anyone else needing some extra muscle, 18V is the way to go.

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