Tuesday, April 17, 2018

7 Important Medical Devices That Use Miniature Motors by Techniblogic

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Scared or anxious about ever coming into contact with one of those surgical tools or big hospital machines? Never fear, because your community hospital is now able to serve you better because of advances in medical technology. The age of innovation has brought about new “power” tools that enhance the safety, consistency, and efficiency of healthcare experiences, from testing in a laboratory to an operation on the surgical table.

Arguably, one of the breakthroughs has been in the development of the miniature motor design. In the case of the miniature brushless DC motor—as the name implies, a system with no brushes in which the motor shaft is controlled by electrical commutation—we have a type of technology that is well suited to high rotational speeds, the power to weight ratio, and control. Brushless DC motors are incorporated into much important equipment such as computer drives, ATM machines, cars—and the medical devices that help the health professionals that you know save lives.

Get to know a little more about health technology and motor design with this short, handy list of medical devices (both clinical and surgical) that use miniature motors—their names, how they work, and why they count.

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